The Inspirational Journey of Larisa Mitrica: Turning Struggle into a Game-Changing Force!

The Inspirational Journey of Larisa Mitrica: Turning Struggle into a Game-Changing Force!

Growing up without support, feeling like an alien, and having to fend for herself at a young age left deep imprints on her character. Larisa’s childhood was marred by violent arguments and a mentally abusive father who physically harmed her mother. At the age of 13, overwhelmed by it all, she resorted to a suicide attempt by taking a large quantity of pills. With no safety net, opportunities, or emotional support, she had to adapt to a life of self-preservation.

Her school years were equally challenging, marked by physical assaults and relentless criticism. She was even forced to switch from her natural left-handedness to using her right hand. Determined to change her circumstances, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement. At 19, she began studying accountancy and law on her mother and father’s wishes, finding that was not her calling; at 20, she chose psychology and sociology.

Larisa took a significant risk by leaving Romania for the UK, hoping for a fresh start. However, she faced homelessness after an abusive relationship, forcing her to work three jobs seven days a week just to make ends meet. She endured racism and abuse while striving to build a better future. The burden of it all seemed never-ending, but her job in hospitality provided glimmers of hope. There, she started organising and managing events, a turning point in her life.

She eventually continued to study therapy and other transformational disciplines and founded a not-for-profit record and music events label. However, the pandemic in 2020 stripped her of everything she had built.

In response, Larisa founded “Meets Mind”, a platform designed to improve people’s lives and careers in the music and mental health spaces. Recognising a gap in the market, she saw the need for specialised support and expertise to help driven artists maintain their mental and emotional well-being in the challenging music industry. Music “Meets Mind” has become highly successful, offering innovative programmes that help artists eliminate anxiety, depression, and procrastination and improve self-esteem and confidence while enhancing their careers at all stages of development.

Larisa has even attracted the involvement of some prominent artists. In the coming weeks, she plans to hold an exhibition that sheds light on social anxiety, ADHD, and autism while introducing groundbreaking therapeutic techniques.

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